Wishing we were on Boriquen with all of our family

Thursday, December 9, 2010

And you're wondering, why don't she write?...

As so many others that have started blogs, life swept me away. So what have we been doing? We are still homeschooling part time. Things are going very well this year.

I thought I would share our Christmas countdown

Day 1 - put up christmas tree
Day 2 - Decorate Christmas tree
Day 3 - Watch how the grinch stole christmas
Day 4 - Make Christmas cards for grandparents
Day 5 - pick out toys to give away
Day 6 - Write a letter to santa
Day 7 - Weave threads and ribbon on pine cones (thanks to little acor
n learning for the idea)
Day 8 - pick out books to give away
Day 9 - Mail out Christmas cards to grandparents & Santa Surprise!

(will post more pictures soon)