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Friday, February 26, 2010

Block 1 Form Drawing week 2

Grade 1
We had a very good week which goes to show good planning and flexibility goes a long way. I based our week on a rain theme thinking that the weather would help with the inspiration in our form drawing. All of our readings definitely worked with our straight and curve line form drawings. Here is what it looked like:

Even dd got into the chalkboard drawing and poem. Success for both kids.

Here's our movement with help of twister scramble. I love these dots.

Here are the forms we worked on in this section.

Playdough is a must in our daily life.

Does his proud smile prove that we are having a good time? This was his favorite.

This week's learning has definitely rejuvenated my faith in waldorf inspired homeschooling and realized that I strayed away from that. I can't wait until next week. I mean look at my ds's smile.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lent and this week's lessons

For the first Sunday of Lent, our family discussed during dinner what it means and what we are giving up for Lent. I am giving up my beloved red wine, my dh is not going to purchase anything from itunes, and my ds is giving up burger king and crumpling paper. We really don't go there often but at 7 yo I guess this is the best I can get. Now I got to work on what we are going to give.
As for our schedule this week, I have grand plans:
Our theme is rain and form drawing.
I am armed with one really good poem, a lesson plan from Learn to Move Move to Learn book, and a few stories; Noah ark, Winnie the Pooh; piglet is completely surrounded by water, Horton hatches an egg, and Songs of El Coqui.
Our schedule will hopefully follow something like this:
Monday: play dough w/ therapeutic listening, LtM MtL lesson plan, snack, Right start math, lunch, walk, (dd nap), read out loud, library when dd wakes up, painting w/ tl.
Tuesday: simon says, poem, play dough w/ tl, form drawing, walk, snack, Right start math, lunch, OT, read out loud
Wednesday: recycling & trash out, poem, Play dough w/ tl, form drawing, snack, indoor movement/game, ds goes to school for 1/2 day, read out loud
Thursday: mercury's dance, poem, play dough w/ tl, form drawing, snack, free play, right start math, lunch, walk, dd nap, read out loud, bird feeder project w/ tl
Friday: ds all day @ school
Maybe this might just work out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sensory Stuff

So I am starting to work on ds's diet. He eats a lot of different foods but am working on seeing if gluten has an affect on him. I didn't realize how expensive a gluten free diet is. So after testing some products, I decided to try the enzyme powder to add to his juice since I know that taking pills would mean a crazy fight. We just started this digestive enzyme stuff so I'll post some results after a few weeks.
What else are we doing?
DS does the therapeutic listening 2 x's/day
works with playdough 1/2 hr
and many of our learning activities incorporate some sensory activity to help make transitions easier.