Wishing we were on Boriquen with all of our family

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Math issues with possible solutions

Sorry no photos. Our camera is still MIA and of course I haven't bought another one.
We are in the middle of our math block. Ds did well with addition and subtraction, but is having having a little problem with multiplication even though it's his favorite squirrel. It's totally my method. It's not moving and he's resisting.
After researching, reading and thinking, I think I have the solution. I have to tap into his imagination. I need to make the forest come to life inside (due to the fact that it's cold and icy outside). Thankfully we are big collectors and I have just enough pine cones to help create our forest. The only thing I need are the squirrels. I know, I know. This should have been ironed out before we started. This is what happens when you jump in with out a lot of preparation. Wish us luck.
It worked. Significantly less complaining. Yeah!

Monday, February 7, 2011

So you thought I fell off...

We are still here, living, learning, moving. I've taken pictures but somehow misplaced the camera. No really, I had it one moment and now I can't seem to find it. So guess who gets to go shopping?!?
Another thing to write about joyfully: we have completely surrendered to homeschooling the waldorf way. In September, we were trying to work with a private school part time but it just wasn't speaking/moving us. It wasn't miserable. I love the philosophy, the concept, the people, but when we just looked at the experience as a whole and compared it to our waldorf experience; Our days were happier and more relaxed. The most interesting thing was my ds was begging for my stories. So if he is asking for more, why not follow his lead?