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Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of First Swim Session

I signed ds up for swimming classes twice a week and his first session just finished a couple of weeks ago. Even though he enjoyed being in the pool, he was very sensitive about letting water get in his ears while he was on his back and of course getting his face wet/going underwater. Well I am happy to report, neither of these are an issue and he is swimming without any flotation devise. YAAAAAHHOOOOOO!
Ds actually swims better on his back than on his stomach. He looks like a little windup toy when he's on his back.
We are continuing this swim schedule for hopefully the rest of the year. He looks forward to class and I feel like he's just moving along so smoothly that I don't want to stop his momentum.
He is still doing BB home program, gfcfef diet, enzymes and karate. His progress may not be as dramatic as it was those first three months at the BB center, but he still is progressing without any regression. I figure that it will take a little while to get to where he needs to be.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's been over 7 months since we started GFCF diet and enzyme therapy. In the past two months we have been a little more relaxed about staying on the diet strictly and haven't seen any significant issues for doing so. One of the hopes with using enzymes in particular is that we can eat gluten & casein again. After reading more and more, I've pretty much decided that we are going to continue with the diet for the most part. What does that mean? Well continuing to eat GF bread, cereal, treats, and drink almond milk. We will indulge in regular cheese, and eat eggs occasionally. We all really enjoy eating rice and corn products.
With this thought of staying "mostly" on the diet, I needed to revamp some recipes to make them more GFCF egg free and still yummy. That was the biggest challenge, to be yummy that even my dh will ask for more. So here is one of my success stories.
I found a chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie recipe and here's it's successful transition to being GFCFEF:
flax seed meal instead of eggs
1 cup of almond meal, 3/4 cup of Bob's red mill GF All purpose flour instead of 1 and 3/4 c of regular flour
Almond milk instead of regular milk
earth balance "butter" instead of regular butter
of course a touch of xantham gum

It was a little crumbly but ever sooooooo yummy. DS enjoyed and asked for more. dh definitely enjoyed it even when he helped me clean the tray, he couldn't help but "break and dispose"
This one is a keeper!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sorry for interrupting, how was your day again?

Here is a report from our Brain Balance @ home tutor: "He has definitely gotten stronger and this week it seems as if everything just clicked."
So do I think that things are working out? Oh Yeah! He's loving school, he loving the afterschool activities, and his overall attitude, behavior and energy is really great.
Today in the car he was more than willing to share his day and even asked me how my day went. As I was about to share, ds spotted a field of milkweed and interrupted me to make sure that noticed them. "Oh sorry for interrupting, how was your day again? what did you do?"
It's just great to have a REAL conversation that doesn't involve some fact or character from a show/movie.