Wishing we were on Boriquen with all of our family

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New school year

As the summer started, I was already planning for the fall and the big question was what to do about learning/school. Knowing that ds had some serious math issues, I had some decisions to make with his learning. I could either continue trying to educate him at home, continue working with the private school we were going to part time or try a new school. The problem with keeping him home was that I knew he needed more than I could provide. The program that both I and the private school were using were the same and he was not getting it. As I researched online for other options, I stumbled upon another private school that would first evaluate his learning style, then his academic level before determining the program that would best suite him. So I called and scheduled a meeting to see if this was what we needed to pursue. After talking for about an hour and a half, the decision was made. DS was going to a new school. This is not a an easy decision to make because I so loved his old school, the teachers, the programs, the parents and the community. I found this even harder than breaking up with a nice guy. But I know I have to go with what will work for him.
Once I registered him and talked to his old school, it was on to what else we could get involved in this fall. We are continuing with the bb home program with the help of our friend and I registered him for a few after school programs. DS has 1/2 hr of karate twice a week, 1/2 of swimming twice a week and an hour of spanish once a week. A full day of school and all of these after school activities split up into four days is an intense schedule but it works. We are going into our third week and he is up to the challenge. Ds is very happy with each activity and his behavior has been pretty good.
He has already made improvements with swimming. In general he is very happy to be in the water but is not too excited about getting his head under water. This week he jumped in the deep end and went totally under. I expected him to come out freaking out, but he just bebopped out like it was nothing. He even gave me a big smile and a thumbs up! Success!
As so far as karate, we chose another school. It's closer and it turns out his new Sensei has LOTS of experience with people on the spectrum. Seeing them together is truly amazing. She really knows how to start, push him and keep him motivated.
Ds' Spanish teacher is from his summer camp and also happens to have a son with Aspergers. She TOLD me she wanted ds in her class. So you know I really don't need to say more about her other than "LOVE IT!"
Another great part about his new school and program is that ds has EVERY Friday off. Can you say "Field Trips!". Of course we will probably spend most of our Fridays helping out at our friend's farm. Both of the kids really enjoy going to the farm.
We are all really enjoying this new schedule and ds has really risen to meet it. He hasn't checked out and doesn't complain about going to any activity. I do miss him but the three day weekend really helps alleviate some of that.
Happy new school year to all parents and kids!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Summer in review

Our summer was an absolute blast! It was filled with lots of learning, fun and great people.
Our waldorf experience was everything that I hope it would be. Twice a week ds worked with a math specialist, a remedial teacher and an eurythmist. It all was a continuation of what we were doing in the bb center. Ds seemed to have come down on his heals even more and he tolerated the busy schedule.
On the days that we didn't work with our waldorf teachers, I worked with ds at home with his math and reading. In the afternoons he went to day camp. One of the great things to hear was how steady his hands were for pottery.
I also hired a woman to do the bb exercises at home five days a week.
What was amazing to me was our family road trip. Ten hours in a car and not one peep about watching anything and no car sickness. Everyone one had such a great time that dh husband even said that we could do this again.
I could not have been more pleased with how the summer turned out. My only complaint is that went by too fast.