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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter wonderland, finally!

So here is my first post for 2012 and this is what we've been up to lately:
Shortly before the holidays ds began the Interactive Metronome Home Program. We were soooooo excited about staring this at home. He was already familiar with the program due to it being part of BB but we knew that in order to make more progress we needed to continue it at home. So yeah!
On a sad note our BB home tutor is on a break. I thought we would take a break due to the holidays but I am not sure when she is coming back. As much as I know we need to continue with the home exercises, having one less thing in our schedule is a little relief. This leaves room for other activities such as shoveling and playing in the snow!
Ds has also progressed in both swimming and karate. I've eased up on the swimming classes, but added pool time on the weekends. Both kids are having a blast just having some unstructured water time. Ds wants to go under water to fetch the rings soooo bad but just can't make his body go. I finally let him wear goggles and he is loving it.
In karate he has earned his yellow belt!
Another great event recently was receiving his first report card in over two years. Are you ready? All A's! He is working so hard.
He still needs help in mathematics which was something that was discussed before thanksgiving. So I did some research and stumbled upon JUMP math. Here's a link http://jumpmath1.org/
I was so impressed witty the studies that were done that I knew I wanted to give it a shot. Thankfully they have a home workbook and we started that sometime in December. Ds is burning through it and I anticipate that he should be done in the next month.
Now besides working on math, I've also organized weekly form drawing exercises with old testament stories (one of the focuses for grade three in Waldorf education). Beside the therapeutic benefits, form drawing will help in teaching cursive this summer easier.
Yep! You read right, I am planning for the summer. It's a little difficult in planning not knowing what he needs help with. Once I get some things done on my to do list, I'll work on the stories and form/process to teach cursive. He will continue with jump math but language arts planning will have to wait until the end of the year. I've already talked to the teacher about guiding me . Sometimes it is so hard to wait.

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